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ICJ Judge Sample Letter & List to Contact


Subject: Urgent: Vote to Act on Israel’s Genocide of Palestinians at the ICJ

Dear Honorable Judge [LAST NAME],

I urge Your Honor to vote to act on the charges of genocide against Israel to the fullest extent of the law upon your review of South Africa’s submission to the International Court of Justice, dated December 29, 2023. I urge the Court to implement immediate provisional measures in order to protect against further harm of the Palestinian people, and to demand Israel’s compliance with its obligations under the Genocide Convention to not engage in, and to prevent and punish, genocide. I am writing this letter as a concerned independent citizen who has no affiliation with, and is completely independent of, the government of the Republic of South Africa.

Numerous world leaders, and an overwhelming majority of the global citizen populace, have rightfully expressed outrage at Israel’s bombing of hospitals, clinics, apartments, UN refugee centers, and escape routes, killing civilians, many of them children, in Gaza’s densely packed coastal strip.

As of January 4, 2024, in just 90 days, Israel has killed 28,201 Palestinian civilians with a >92% civilian kill rate, including 12,040 children. Israel is killing over 100 Palestinian children per day. Israel has injured 58,960 Palestinians and forcibly displaced 1.935 million of Gaza’s 2.2 million, leaving the vast majority of Gaza’s population homeless. Israel has attacked 169 healthcare facilities, killed or injured 524 healthcare professionals, and murdered at least 105 journalists and 136 UN staff workers in Gaza. Egregiously, Israel has denied the imprisoned population of Gaza access to water, food, medicine, and fuel for three months.

In the context of Israel’s widely broadcasted declarations of genocidal intent, these actions, and many others elucidated in South Africa’s submission, meet the criteria for the crime of genocide.

If a majority of the world’s nations call for a ceasefire, yet the ICJ fails to order an immediate halt to Israel’s horrific crimes – what is to stop Israel from ethnically cleansing all Palestinians? Further, what is to stop other nations from repeating a horror of this magnitude?

I urge you to take all necessary actions to hold Israel accountable for genocide, and to prevent further devastation and destruction of the people of Palestine.

Respectfully yours in solidarity and hope,

[City, State, Country]

Data source: Euro-Med Human Rights Watch, 4 January 2024.




Name Country Email Address as
President Joan E. DONOGHUE U.S.A. j.donoghue@icj-cij.org Honorable Madam President Donoghue


Vice-President Kirill GEVORGIAN Russian Federation k.gevorgian@icj-cij.org Honorable Vice-President Gevorgian


Judge Peter TOMKA Slovakia p.tomka@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Tomka


Judge Ronny ABRAHAM France r.abraham@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Abraham


Judge Mohamed BENNOUNA Morocco m.bennouna@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Bennouna


Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed YUSUF Somalia a.yusuf@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Yusuf


Judge XUE Hanqin China h.xue@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Xue


Judge Julia SEBUTINDE Uganda j.sebutinde@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Sebutinde


Judge Dalveer BHANDARI India d.bhandari@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Bhandari


Judge Patrick Lipton ROBINSON Jamaica p.robinson@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Robinson


Judge Nawaf SALAM Lebanon n.salam@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Salam


Judge IWASAWA Yuji Japan y.iwasawa@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Iwasawa


Judge Georg NOLTE Germany g.nolte@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Nolte


Judge Hilary CHARLESWORTH Australia h.charlesworth@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Charlesworth


Judge Leonardo Nemer Caldeira BRANT Brazil l.brant@icj-cij.org Honorable Judge Brant




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