'Cartogrophy of Darkness' is a transclusive, collective research platform dedicated to exploring universalisms and the unity of knowledge in our highly obfuscated, crisis-ridden age. The platform is comprised of a triad of spaces: a map, a repository and a periodical.

«خريطة الظّلام» هي منصّة بحثيّة تشاركيّة تستقصي مفاهيم العالميّة والاتحاد المعرفي من منطلق الزمكانيّة الآنية، المتأزمة والمبهمة. تتكون المنصّة من ثلاثيّة حيزيّة تضمُّ خريطة وحاوية وسلسلة.

Universe Today & the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT)

Universe Today was the platform communicator of the republished brief ‘The first light in the universe helps build a dark matter map’ documenting the work of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT), an of more than 160 scientists, on mapping dark matter. The brief was transclusively hyperlinked in Chapter 1: FOR A TRANS-ELECTRIC SOLIDARITY, providing a very succinct and accessible summary of the following papers by ACT:

Frank J. Qu et al, The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: A Measurement of the DR6 CMB Lensing Power Spectrum and its Implications for Structure Growth, arXiv (2023). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2304.05202

Niall MacCrann et al, The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Mitigating the impact of extragalactic foregrounds for the DR6 CMB lensing analysis, arXiv (2023). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2304.05196

Mathew S. Madhavacheril et al, The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: DR6 Gravitational Lensing Map and Cosmological Parameters, arXiv (2023). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2304.05203



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