'Cartogrophy of Darkness' is a transclusive, collective research platform dedicated to exploring universalisms and the unity of knowledge in our highly obfuscated, crisis-ridden age. The platform is comprised of a triad of spaces: a map, a repository and a periodical.

«خريطة الظّلام» هي منصّة بحثيّة تشاركيّة تستقصي مفاهيم العالميّة والاتحاد المعرفي من منطلق الزمكانيّة الآنية، المتأزمة والمبهمة. تتكون المنصّة من ثلاثيّة حيزيّة تضمُّ خريطة وحاوية وسلسلة.

☄︎ July 2020

☄︎ تموز ٢٠٢٠


4 August 2023


Omar Itani

is an electronic musician and a sound practitioner based in Beirut, Lebanon. His practice revolves around live performances, recording and designing sound for film and sound installations. Itani’s work heavily relies on synthesizers and drum machines, with a setup focused on his Formanta UDS soviet drum machine as a main instrument. While in the studio […]

In addition to the ‘July 2020’ EP, we have invited Lebanese electronic music producer and sound practitioner Omar Itani to contribute to the Map with an audio walk comprised of seven continuous parts. Stretching from Geitwai, to Manara and the Naval Army Base before it returns back to where it started, Itani’s audio walk records the sound of private electricity generators underscoring the dark city of Beirut. Herein, the literally exhausting loop of everyday, electric dispossession is traced, registered and relayed as a soundtrack of our failing, energicidal infrastructure. The recordings were taken in February 2023, and they are available for re-use and circulation under a Creative Commons License, V4.

Soundscapes of Beirut during July 2020’s electricity crisis.

أصوات من بيروت في أزمة كهرباء تموز ٢٠٢٠



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