'Cartogrophy of Darkness' is a transclusive, collective research platform dedicated to exploring universalisms and the unity of knowledge in our highly obfuscated, crisis-ridden age. The platform is comprised of a triad of spaces: a map, a repository and a periodical.

«خريطة الظّلام» هي منصّة بحثيّة تشاركيّة تستقصي مفاهيم العالميّة والاتحاد المعرفي من منطلق الزمكانيّة الآنية، المتأزمة والمبهمة. تتكون المنصّة من ثلاثيّة حيزيّة تضمُّ خريطة وحاوية وسلسلة.

Rijin Sahakian

(b. Baghdad, 1978) uses writing, art-making, and teaching to examine the relationship of images and rhetoric to experiences of violence. She founded Sada, an arts education initiative for Baghdad-based students, operating from 2010-15. Sahakian has lectured extensively on critical issues in the arts, organized public exhibitions and seminars, and was a visiting professor at the California Institute of the Arts. She has contributed texts to e-flux Journal, n+1, Artforum, Mutanabbi Street Starts Here, Warscapes, and World Records, and created an anthology film with former members of Sada for documenta fifteen.



مولد كهربائي