'Cartogrophy of Darkness' is a transclusive, collective research platform dedicated to exploring universalisms and the unity of knowledge in our highly obfuscated, crisis-ridden age. The platform is comprised of a triad of spaces: a map, a repository and a periodical.

«خريطة الظّلام» هي منصّة بحثيّة تشاركيّة تستقصي مفاهيم العالميّة والاتحاد المعرفي من منطلق الزمكانيّة الآنية، المتأزمة والمبهمة. تتكون المنصّة من ثلاثيّة حيزيّة تضمُّ خريطة وحاوية وسلسلة.

Hanna Keil

هانا كايل


is a German techno-political writer based in Berlin. As a board member of Berlin Collective Action and The Black Sex Worker Collective she’s been developing her activism work and is reporting through the lens of her identity as a white trans woman, DJ, tech freelancer and community organizer. Hanna’s marxist antifascist politics in action positions her in solidarity with workers, Black and Indigenous people, people of color and her trans community.



مولد كهربائي